Easy Santa is the secret santa game to share it with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, college students, high school classmates, school mates, …

Drawings are not sent with SMS or emails. Simply just have the App installed to consult the drawings of invisible friends in which you participate and know who you have to give away.

Create games to randomly randomize who will give to whom. Indicate exceptions for the draw (people who will never give away to others). Define how the game will be: invisible to all participants (with only you will know your invisible friend) or visible (so that everyone will know who gives to whom). Create your own wish list for your invisible friend (you can also check the wish list of the person you want to give away).

You can also participate on behalf of third parties, so that people who do not have a mobile phone can also participate in games in which you do not participate. For this, a user can have an alias and a specific avatar for each particular game.

Play with Easy Santa to draw family birthdays, to make end-of-race gifts, high school or college, and, especially, for year-end celebrations.

Celebrate the International Friendship Day, with your friends, according to the different calendars:

* February 14 (Love and Friendship Day): Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela.

* First Saturday of July: Peru.

* July 20 (Friend’s Day: by the arrival of the human being to the moon in 1969): Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

* July 23: Bolivia.

* First Sunday of August (International Friendship Day): United States and India.

* Third Saturday of September (Day of Love and Friendship): Colombia.

* First Friday in October: Chile.

All in a very simple way and always accessing through the contacts of your mobile phone.

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Download Easy Santa in Android version or IOS through the following links:

We hope you like!! Enjoy it!!

The Easy Santa team.

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